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One of the biggest influences behind our design process is music; specifically our favorite musicians and their signature personal style. From David Bowie’s OTT theatrical periods to John Lennon’s bohemian influence still evident in current fashion trends today, the following musicians’ personal style reflects self-expression true to their equally self-expressed inner creative spirits--visible within the timeless music they’ve created.

Bob Dylan

 The man, the myth, the legend and also an incredible snappy dresser. Known for having a classic, understated attire with edge, back in the day Dylan pulled off everything from chambray shirts and suede jackets to polka dots and stripes. And lest we forget the Wayfarers!

Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg's je ne sais quoi is obviously apparent; after all you'd need to be a great dresser to be seen on Jane Birkin’s arm.

David Bowie

 A chameleon, trend-setter and fashion maven; so many great style changes during his career and yet he still sets the bar.

Miles Davis

It doesn’t get any cooler. Miles Davis was the birth of cool, after all the best style is born from not trying to too hard and instinctually dressing to your likes.

Tom Waits

The hat! Whether he’s polished or appears to be bum on the street, it’s clear that Tom Waits is a badass who ultimately dresses for himself—and we love him for that.

The Velvet Underground

Known for their New York-influenced street style, The Velvet Underground has influenced street style today and proved to be the rebels on the scene, going against the Hippie sphere on all fronts and staying true to their own.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was by far known for donning the coolest jackets ever in Rock; his signature psychedelic 60’s style still has me wanting to gro a fro and rock that vintage emerald green velvet blazer that dwells in my closet.

 The Band

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Pioneers of the Americana, pre-hipster look, we love how The Band pulled off Western and Kentucky ties. As hipster as they are, Western and Kentucky ties jazz up an otherwise simple outfit if you want just a hint of Americana.

 Thelonius Monk

thelonious monk hat, thelonious monk style, thelonious monk fashion

With style as classic as his music, Thelonius Monk was known for always looking sharp in a suit and skinny tie, topped off with one of his many unique hats.

John Lennon

John Lennon style, john lennon fashion, john lennon fur coat

We wouldn’t care if John Lennon was wearing a bed sheet (which he did once), he still makes any list for being so damn cool. Ultimately his free spirit style was just as free spirited as his worldly philosophies.

Ryan Adams

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Our favorite and probably biggest musical inspiration, Ryan Adams is one who loves taking fashion risks just for the sake of it. From badass metal tees to wearing glitter platform boots on stage, Ryan dresses like the inner child who still lives within.

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