Grove Lane { Under $30 } Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Posted by grovelanejournal on November 21, 2012 1 Comment

Now that the season is transitioning to Winter, we can't help but feel nostalgic and happy about everything the holiday season represents. From homemade eggnog to decorating the Christmas tree while listening to vinyl records, the anticipation of the season of giving is starting to hit us hard. This is the first of our Holiday Gift Guide series for 2012, this week kicking it off with the most amazing gifts under $30 that we could find.

1 // L.A. Burdick Dark Hot Chocolate

Because this is seriously some of the best hot chocolate our mouths have ever been acquainted with.
holiday gift idea LA burdick dark hot chocolate

2 // Unisex Red Stripe Happy Socks 

Because Happy socks really do make you happy :)

holiday gift guide mens happy socks

3 // Paddywax Edgar Allan Poe Library Candle 

Because everyone loves a good candle, especially when literature is involved.

holiday gift guide paddywax library candle edgar allan poe

4 // Field Notes Original 3 Pack Notebooks

Perfect for on-the-go musings, especially when riding the subwayholiday gift guide field-notes-plain-original-3-pack

5 // Yellingbo Gold Limited Edition Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Because olive oil is the new wine. And Australian olive oil is completely underrated.
holiday gift guide yellingo Australian Extra Virgin olive oil

6 // Brooklyn Slate Co. Slate Cheese Board

We wouldn't dream of serving cheese any other way.

holiday gift guide brooklyn-slate-cheese-board-7-x-12

In the comments below tell us what you gifts you're dreaming of this holiday season!

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