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Recently we took a visit to our local theater to finally see the Oscar-nominated Django Unchained. Considering our recent exciting press regarding Quentin Tarantino wearing our leather ties, we were even more excited to see what Tarantino had in store for this much anticipated release.

Django Unchained is by far Tarantino's best film since Kill Bill. A revengeful tale set in the wild west in 1858, Django Unchained  is nothing short of a bold movie--extremely funny, bloody and gruesome. The film is laden with amazing performances and memorable scenes, not to mention controversial with its portrayal of sensitive topics: slavery, graphic violence and constant use of a certain profane word.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Django Unchained, there is no doubt that Tarantino’s latest is one of the finest and most entertaining movies of the year.

Django Unchained Trailer


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