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We are located in Rockingham Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Grove Lane has been an online art and design space. This online store and gallery showcases original artworks and one-off pieces.
Our products are 100% designed and handmade in Perth, WA focusing on the natural colours of this region.

We produce original pieces and ever changing eclectic style showcasing new artworks, prints, homewares, original paintings and drawings. Jayne works in a variety of mediums from watercolours, oils, drawing and coloured pencils, Jayne loves to capture the personality of the person or pet portrait within the commission brief,

Jayne also makes baby and toddler essentials, products which include swaddles, muslin wraps, bedding and gifts to name a few . Jayne focuses on 100% natural products for all the baby essentials.
Jayne is client based and making the experience joy able.
If you have that beloved pet or family member etc that has passed away or that newborn infant Jayne can reproduce their image in a custom commissioned drawing.

Jayne has a Honours degree in fine arts - painting, drawing, printmaking and makes custom baby essentials. 

Please look at past commission pieces and the reviews. This is an online store so expectant parents can order from the comfort of their own home. The products are all unisex that can be passed down. We also do custom orders. Feel free to tag us on social media ( Instagram and Facebook)

If you have any questions just email us at 

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