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Title: Esplanade Hotel Fremantle 

Medium: Watercolour on acide free 300gsm watercolour paper

Year: 2021

Mounted: yes in a white mount

Framed: yes in a white frame


This piece of original artwork is based on one of Western Australias iconic buildings. The Esplande Hotel in Fremantle



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The Esplanade Hotel is a hotel located opposite Esplanade Park in Fremantle, Western Australia. The building stands on the site of the first building used for housing convicts transported from Great Britain in 1850.

The first building here was a warehouse built by Daniel Scott the first harbour master and the first chair of the town council. This building was pressed into service as temporary home for the first 75 convicts who arrived in 1850 from Great Britain.[1] The convicts lived here whilst they worked to build a convict establishment that would, in time, be called Fremantle Prison. This connection is remembered by the current hotel who call their restaurant the "Harbour Master".[2]

A later building on the site was a two storey dichromatic brick dwelling with a shingle roof and a two storey verandah that addressed the waterfront. It was built in 1875 and was known as 'Cranworth House'. It was occupied by Philip Webster (an auctioneer) from 1879[3] until 1884, when it was purchased by Mr. H. J. Saw for £4,500.[4] In 1884 the building was extended along Marine Terrace to the corner of Collie Street and renamed the 'Hall of Commerce'.[5] The extension was built with locally quarried limestone and the shingled roof and verandah were continued in the new portion of the building.

In 1895 the building was used as a hotel for the first time by William Meadly, who leased the premises from George Hubble and applied for the first hotel license.[6][7] In 1896 following renovations to the existing building, The Esplanade Hotel opened its doors. In 1903 the building underwent significant alterations, designed by Joseph Herbert Eales,[8] reorganising the interior structure and renovating the facade with the inclusion of an ornate dome shaped corner turret, new windows, verandah balustrades and a decorative parapet. A new corrugated iron roof replaced the original shingles.



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