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Affirmation Deck - Set of 40 positive cards focusing on life, ambition, family and friends.


Minimal and elegant on white card. The cards are thought provoking and a versitle self-care tool.  The quality card deck can be used throughout the day.

With more information in this world than ever before, we are constantly being bombarded by messages, some of them unhelpful, hurtful and misleading. These cards are to help in a positive approach to every day to day activities and challengers, by up-lifting you and helping you to re-focus. This will help with confidence and it builds self-esteem.


Not only will these cards help yourself and others, you’ll also stay focused and believe in yourself. Set goals and re programing the beliefs that are holding you back.


How to use the cards?

1. Pick a card to read first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

2. Take the card with you throughout the day in the car, in your bag, pocket, mirror or on your desk at work

3.  Read the card whenever you can so it can give you the affirmation throughout the day.

Affirmation Deck - 40 Positive cards, Daily Quotes


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